Flexible Work Schedules

A flexible schedule includes a variety of options, all involving certain core hours during which everyone must be present, coupled with flexible arrival and departure times. In conjunction with supervisory approval, you may be able to choose the following flexible work schedules:

  • "Flexitour": a type of flexible work schedule in which an employee is allowed to select starting and stopping times within the flexible hours.
  • "Maxiflex Schedule": a type of flexible work schedule that contains core hours on fewer than 10 workdays in the biweekly pay period such as a 5-4-9 work schedule - employee works 9 hours the first 5-day work week and 9 hours the first 4 days of the next week, then takes the 10th day off.


DCAA participates in the government-wide Telework program - which provides the opportunity for employees to perform their duties at an alternate worksite, such as their home. All positions in DCAA are eligible for Telework on either a regular or ad-hoc basis. In addition to reducing automobile-created air pollution and traffic congestion, Telework offers the potential for increased productivity by eliminating interruptions during the workday.