Our Agency


Almost all of our work is performed for the Department of Defense (DoD). We play a pivotal role in the defense of our nation. Our work helps to ensure that DoD and other Federal agencies receive the products and services they need at fair and reasonable prices.


Our work focuses on contracts between DoD and a wide variety of contractors. This work requires a high degree of interaction, so our auditors frequently visit contractor worksites and may even co–locate at a contractor's facility. This level of immersion provides exposure to products, services, and technology that's hard to come by in other employment sectors.


At DCAA, we are auditors, not accountants. We help to ensure that the Department of Defense, the Federal Government, and the nation's taxpayers are getting what they pay for and paying what they should. Enormous amounts of work go into crafting agreements that benefit the Government and its suppliers. At DCAA, our independent assessments look out for both parties – as part of our acquisition oversight responsibilities, we monitor the financial aspects of contracts to ensure the integrity of the contracting process.


The term "agency" can be impersonal, conjuring up images of big bureaucracies. At DCAA, we'd much rather be called the Defense Contract Audit "Team." Everything we do is about cooperation, teamwork, and coming together to deliver top–quality audit services. For over 50 years, our team has supported our nation's defense and protected the taxpayer's interests.

Our Vision and Goals

The Vision of DCAA is to build a workforce of dedicated professionals working together to deliver top–quality audit services to support the Department of Defense and the warfighter, and to protect the taxpayer's interests.

To achieve this Vision, DCAA has established the following goals:

  • "One Agency" with a culture of teamwork, excellence, accountability, mutual respect, integrity, and trust
  • High-quality audits and related advisory services
  • Highly skilled and motivated professionals dedicated to excellence in accomplishing our mission
  • Effective working relationships with DCAA external stakeholders – the acquisition community
  • The workforce has the right space, the right equipment, and the right technology at the right time to successfully deliver on the mission