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There's no other career in the financial world like a career with DCAA.

Before an aircraft carrier puts out to sea for the first time, we've been on board. Before a rifle is put in the hands of a soldier, we've seen it being made. Before any of hundreds of contractors delivers anything to the Department of Defense, we've been involved.

We are auditors, but not in the traditional sense. We audit Department of Defense (DoD) contracts of all sizes — up to billions of dollars — to make sure our military and the taxpayer get what they are paying for.

Whether it's weapons and ammunition, aircraft, ships, food, uniforms, communications equipment, satellites — you name it — our job is to conduct independent assessments and evaluate the financial aspects of contracts to ensure the integrity of the contracting process.

Because of the size and importance of the contracts we audit, we need skilled, dedicated people who are willing to go the extra mile when they join our team.

Explore the links above to learn about opportunities at DCAA, or visit our Apply-Process at a Glance page to check out who, what, and where we are currently hiring.

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