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Career News | Dec. 6, 2021

3 Favorite Things about Working at DCAA

By DCAA Staff Writer

You are certainly forgiven if you hear the phrase, “favorite things” and first think of Julie Andrews singing about “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.” While employees we spoke to listed many different things they loved about the Agency, here are three of the top factors they think are neat and unique about working at DCAA.

Variety to Keep us on Our Toes

Many employees talk about how every day at DCAA is different, with new skills to master and new solutions to be employed. Each new audit provides an opportunity to learn or experience something new, often with tasks way beyond your desk. Plus, each employee plays a vital role—and sometimes many roles—in serving the mission. Many employees note that they are coaches, supervisors, teachers, marketers, data analyzers, and friends to their teammates.

Curiosity: Expected and Rewarded.

At DCAA, we pride ourselves on providing the space to continue advancing and fulfill the expectation that we are all teachers. “I will always be learning” is an ethos imbued throughout the Agency. From enjoying a space for asking questions to being the mentor that provides the answer, our employees help each other flourish professionally. FAO Assistant for Quality Tom Fritzsche explains that he loves “watching those around me learn and grow. The "ah-ha" moments, when someone picks up something new or understands the steps, are the most rewarding for me.”

At the End of the Day, It’s the Mission

A common thread throughout all these favorites is that every day, DCAA employees are proud to serve their country, family, and neighbors. Everyone wants a meaningful career, and we love when DCAA employees realize the direct impact they have from their daily tasks. Capturing what many employees expressed, Supervisory Auditor Mathew Mayer notes that “providing a meaningful service to the armed forces with the audits we do” is one of the best parts of a DCAA career.

What's our favorite thing? The men and women of DCAA, who show their everyday excellence and pride through their dedication to serving the public. And we’re proud to sing their praises.