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Career News | Dec. 20, 2021

Proudest Moment at DCAA

By DCAA Staff Writer

We at DCAA believe that we are a workplace like no other, with a mission like no other. The men and women of our agency feel a special sense of pride in our work to support the warfighter and protect the taxpayer with integrity, but there are also unique moments for each individual that stand out.

When asked, some of the proudest moments reflect individual achievements, such as when a DCAA staff member completed their first Forward Pricing Audit as lead auditor, or when a DCAA colleague performed financial analysis for federal investigative agencies. Other moments recall the pride of teaching and helping new auditors, knowing that they’re bringing out the best in a member of their team. Supervisory Auditor Corinne Kaufmann described her proudest moments as “training new auditors and seeing them finally have that light bulb moment where they GET IT.”

For others, it’s the unique wins they score for the Agency and members of the public. Some of the work results from the quiet victory of discovery, such as the thrill of finding something out of the ordinary as you are analyzing the data. Others come from seeing success over a long period. Supervisory Auditor Tom Fritzsche recalls “seeing a couple [of] years of work pay off from a specific audit supervised [that saved] the government nearly $1 billion in costs, allowing the buying office to acquire significantly more services with the same amount of money.”

Some of our team’s proudest moments even make the news. Supervisory Auditor MaryAnn Abruzzi recounts when one of her team’s audits “was in the newspaper for audit findings based on a congressional inquiry. My audit finding specifically was referenced in the newspaper [and] resulted in an investigation.”

Finally, DCAA also likes to recognize people when we are proud or their proud moments. For example, DCAA auditor Elba Piligrino earned the Coin of Excellence from the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command and Senior Auditor Bradley Berry earned a coin and letter of appreciation from Defense Contract Management Agency-Detroit. Their considerable expertise and service make those publicly recognized moments particularly well deserved.

Whether your wins are known to yourself, your team, or to the world, we always have reasons to be proud of your work ethic and achievements.