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News | Dec. 1, 2020

Auditor’s Outstanding Support Earns Coin of Excellence

By DCAA Staff Writer

On October 19, DCAA auditor Elba Piligrino received a Southern California Fraud Resident Agency, Pacific Fraud Office, Coin of Excellence from the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command for her participation in an ongoing legal case. Ms. Piligrino analyzed complex contracting data and clearly explained her findings to the team. Additionally, she led interagency efforts over numerous working groups to ensure shared understanding of complex fraud schemes that were alleged across multiple issues. These efforts contributed to the efficient processing of the case.

The accompanying citation states, in part, “Ms. Piligrino’s efforts were timely and essential to investigative efforts. Due to Ms. Piligrino’s technical expertise and professionalism on this case, her audit support significantly aided the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of California, and the Department of Justice, to make an expedient legal determination on this case.”

Ms. Piligrino stated, "I felt immense appreciation and gratitude when I was awarded this coin. I just transferred to OIS (Operations Investigative Support Branch) in April of this year, and this case was one of my first assignments. It has been challenging to learn the ins and outs of OIS with a full case load and working remotely 100% of the time. To be recognized for my efforts on this case was so meaningful to me. This coin is not only a token of my hard work, but also a reminder of how far I have come."