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Application Tips

We understand that the application process may seem challenging, so we want to provide resources to set candidates up for success. Review these resources and tips to make sure your application is effective.

USAJOBS and the Job Opportunity Announcement

  • You need a USAJOBS account to apply. The site’s help page walks you through the process, and explains how to check the status of your application.
  • Be sure to read the Job Announcement’s instructions for applying. USAJOBS also provides helpful information on completing the application.
  • If there are no Job Announcements posted for DCAA when you search, you may connect with DCAA directly by emailing You can also submit your resume and transcripts to that address for future consideration.
  • Take your time on the USA Hire applicant assessment and take it seriously. The score you receive remains with you for a year.

Your Resume and Transcript

  • Don’t use one resume for several job announcements. Reviewers are looking for the specific qualifications required for each position, and can only assess your qualifications based on the information you provide. Tailor your resume to each position, with as much relevant information as possible.
  • Demonstrate the quality of your experience, the complexity of the work, how independently you worked, how the experience is related to the job, any outcomes you achieved, and any awards and recognition you received.
  • For areas where you don’t have directly relevant experience, highlight relevant knowledge, education, training, skills, and attributes.
  • Focus on areas where your previous experience overlaps with the experience or education described in the Job Opportunity Announcement—but be sure to also include achievements and the specific impacts of your work.
  • In addition to work responsibilities, you can describe qualifications and experience from leadership roles in volunteer positions, projects, professional/academic challenges and successes, and special assignments.
  • Include your contact information on your resume, including name, address, email, and phone number.
  • DCAA prefers official transcripts. You can use an unofficial version to apply—but make sure your transcripts are legible and show all 24 hours of accounting and all relevant degrees received.

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