EZ-Quant is no longer available for download. DCAA has created a web-based software for variable sampling applications. Since the software is web-based (designed specifically to operate in the DCAA environment only), the software will not be made available for use outside of DCAA. If you have any questions, please email dcaa.belvoir.hq.list.qm@mail.mil.

View EZ-Quant Version History Notes for information on application changes.



EZ-Quant is a suite of three statistical applications for performing statistical sampling, regression analysis, and improvement curve analysis.

  • Statistical Sampling (ver. 1.1.4)
  • Regression (ver. 1.2.2)
  • Improvement Curves (ver. 1.0.4)

View EZ-Quant Version History Notes for information on application changes.

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DCAA does not provide technical support on this product outside of DCAA audit activities. This product has been developed and tested by DCAA for use in its audit processes. It is freeware and its use and copying is unrestricted. While DCAA has made every effort to identify and repair all deficiencies in this product, DCAA does not guarantee that this product is free from defects that might interfere with its operation on the downloader's system. This product is made available "as is," and the use of the software is done at the downloader's own risk. DCAA makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning this product.