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DCAA is a vital agency within the Department of Defense (DoD). We audit government contracts for supplies, equipment, and services that help our military service members and their missions succeed. Before the next generation of F-35s take flight, we've been on board. Before a medevac helicopter lifts off, we've seen it being made.

Our auditors examine contractor business processes, systems, and financial records to ensure that contract costs are fair and reasonable — ensuring taxpayers and DoD get the best value for every dollar spent.

Explore what we do, the impacts of our work, and why our careers are different and rewarding.

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A career with DCAA is like no other. Our essential DoD role, meaningful work, organizational culture, and robust benefits set us apart.


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Competitive Salaries

Government careers afford you stability without stagnation. Learn about the General Schedule (GS) Pay Scale and how early-career professionals can advance quickly.


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DCAA auditing is a highly specialized discipline that requires and develops a broad skillset beyond solid accounting and auditing education. Explore what it takes to become a DCAA auditor.


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DCAA has office locations across 41 states and overseas. See where a DCAA audit career could take you.


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