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Pathways Intern Program

Looking for a paid internship that builds on your accounting studies?
Want the opportunity to participate in an internship year round?
Interested in exploring how you could use your accounting degree in a government job?

DCAA internships offer current students the opportunity to work for the Federal government while completing their education. These internships provide a path to a career at DCAA and allow qualified individuals the opportunity to gain valuable training and career development experience. Internships may also qualify for course credit, depending on your school’s specific policies and requirements. The program provides:

  • Paid work experience and on-the-job training; your choice of full time or part time schedule;
  • The potential to convert to a permanent full-time position after successfully completing the program and your degree; and
  • The opportunity to see how rewarding it is to support our military as a DCAA auditor.

The internship program is open to current students in undergraduate through graduate-level programs. To qualify, you must:

How DCAA Auditing Internships Work

Unlike many internships, DCAA intern positions are not limited to a few weeks in the summer. Interns are hired throughout the year, and work as an intern until they complete at least 640 hours of work. You will receive a two-week formal onboarding training, followed by additional auditing courses and on-the-job training.

Interns may perform contract audit responsibilities such as:

  • Research and Guidance
    • Gathering background information related to the audit, such as missions and functions, resources, applicable laws, and DCAA guidance and studies.
    • Compiling and evaluating data for contract audit documents and papers.
  • Examination and Audit Assistance
    • Checking records for accuracy, identifying any discrepancies, and reporting them to the senior auditor.
    • Analyzing transaction documents and records to verify accuracy and proper documentation.
    • Examining accounting documents such as payroll and vouchers to determine propriety and validity, and comparing and verifying costs through invoices, vouchers, etc.
  • Written and Administrative Support
    • Preparing simple reconciliations, supporting documents, and working papers.
    • Assisting in maintaining audit administrative files and data to assist the audit team.

How to Apply

DCAA hires interns throughout the year. The application process is very simple. You may email your resume and transcripts to In the body of the email, tell us something about yourself and why you are interested in an internship. Our Human Resource team will reach out to you with further information. The internship program is open to current students in undergraduate through graduate-level programs. 

Student Internship Qualifications

 ✓   Be a U.S. citizen
  Have already completed at least 1 year of post-secondary  education equaling 30 credit hours
  Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment full-time
  Be pursuing a degree or certificate in accounting, or in finance or business with accounting coursework
  Must have a minimum of a 2.9 GPA

Converting to a Permanent DCAA Position

DCAA interns may convert to a permanent DCAA auditor position, if a position is available, by:

  • Completing at least 640 hours of work and earning your degree with an acceptable GPA of 2.95 or higher;
  • Demonstrating successful job performance; and
  • Meeting the qualifications for the permanent position.

Upcoming Hiring Events

DCAA attends career fairs and holds hiring events for specialized groups throughout the year. Learn more about these and all of our hiring events here

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