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Pathways Intern Program

Looking for a paid internship that builds on your college studies?
Want the opportunity to participate in an internship year round?
Interested in exploring how you could use your degree in a government job?

DCAA internships offer:

  • Paid work experience and on-the-job training; your choice of full time or part time schedule;
  • Course credit, depending on your school's specific policies and requirements;
  • The potential to convert to a permanent full-time position after successfully completing the program and your degree; and
  • The opportunity to see how rewarding it is to support our military as a DCAA employee.

How DCAA Auditing Internships Work

Wonder what our internships are really like? Listen to one of our current interns.

Benefits from DCAA Internships

During your internship, you'll use knowledge you learned in school as you work as part of an audit team. A current intern describes his experience in this video.


Student Internship Qualifications

It's not complicated, but we outline the standard in this video. 

How to Apply

We make it easy. Email your resume and transcripts to Our video has additional tips. 

Converting to a Permanent DCAA Position

Yes! You can turn your internship into a full time position. Hear about a recent intern's experience. 

Upcoming Hiring Events

DCAA attends career fairs and holds hiring events for specialized groups throughout the year. Learn more about these and all of our hiring events here

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