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A career with DCAA offers unsurpassed career and leadership training, growth opportunities, competitive compensation, and perhaps most importantly, personal satisfaction. As a federal employee, you serve not only the Department of Defense and our men and women in uniform, but also the taxpayer: your friends, family, and neighbors.

While you’re supporting the DoD mission, DCAA will in turn support you with:

  • Commitment to work-life balance;
  • Flexible work hours and teleworking opportunities;
  • A generous leave package; and
  • Unparalleled federal benefits and retirement programs.

DCAA’s Auditing Difference is in the Details—and the Mission

Whether it's weapons and ammunition, aircraft, ships, food, uniforms, communications equipment, satellites—you name it—our job is to conduct evaluate the financial aspects of contracts to ensure the integrity of the contracting process.

DCAA auditors make a big difference for our military, the taxpayer, and the defense of our Nation. Our audits and financial services enable DoD to make informed decisions about contract costs, resulting in over $3B in savings every year.

Work That’s Beyond Routine

Our work is unique, not just in the variety of audits we conduct, but also in their complexity. No other Agency does the work we do.

Our work is also much more than a desk job. You won’t sit behind a computer screen all day crunching numbers, feeling like a cog in the wheel. Instead, your work may take you from an assembly line to a corporate boardroom; from an aircraft carrier to leading a presentation. Your curiosity, problem-solving, and analytical skills will be put to the test every day.

Exceptional Career Preparation—and Opportunity

No one comes out of school—or the working world for that matter—knowing exactly how to do what DCAA auditors do. That's why as a new DCAA employee, your training will begin right away and continue throughout your time with the Agency. Our focus on teamwork provides you the opportunity to learn from senior auditors and managers as you tackle meaningful work.

With coaches, mentors, leadership training, and other professional development programs, our auditors have the ability to grow throughout their DCAA careers—some even obtain financial support for advanced degrees and CPAs.

A Culture that Supports Success

DCAA employees thrive in a culture that promotes the Agency's TEAMIT values:

  • Teamwork - Audits are often complex and multi-faceted, giving you the opportunity to work with a team of talented professionals, who are cooperative and go the extra mile to do their part.
  • Excellence- We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and strive to continuously improve​.
  • Accountability​ - Every DCAA employee, from intern to Director, owns her or his job and understands the importance of their role in the success of any audit.
  • Mutual Respect ​- Consideration and thoughtfulness are ingrained in our auditors to ensure that all voices​, considerations, and concerns​ are heard.
  • Integrity ​- Executing our responsibilities demands that we adhere to the highest ethical standards, avoiding favoritism or appearances of conflict of interest.
  • Trust​ - Embracing honesty, transparency, and fairness throughout the Agency is essential to building team ethos.

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