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Small Business Workshops and Seminars

Below is a list of DCAA led training seminars and webinars. More information can be found on our small business partners website. This schedule will be updated as necessary.

Date Event Sponsor Location Training Topic Link
7/26-7/28/2023 Navy Golf Coast Event San Diego, CA Small Business Training
7/31-8/2/2023 Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Dayton, OH LIfe Cycle Industry Days
8/9-8/10/2023 APEX State Director and SBA Groton, CT DOD Northeast Regional Matchmaker
8/15/2023 San Antonio Business Opportunity Council San Antonio, TX Small Business is BIG Business in Gov Contracting
8/17/2023 SBA ARK District Office Webinar Small Business Training
8/23/2023 DEL MAR College APEX Accelerator Webinar Small Business Training
9/12/2023 TX PTAC @ El Paso El Paso, TX Small Business Training
9/18-9/22/2023 Federal Publications Seminars (FPS) Las Vegas, NV Federal Contracts Week

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