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With offices located across 41 states, territories, and overseas, DCAA employees have the opportunity to see the world. There are two main types of offices. A “resident” office is located within a defense contractor’s building, where auditors specialize in audits of that particular defense contractor.  A “mobile” office consists of seasoned auditors (6+ years in the profession) who travel to different locations where defense contractors are located.

DCAA also has offices that audit classified contracts for cutting-edge military technology like that on the stealth bomber, which would require a further security clearance. Read the Job Opportunity Announcement carefully to see what type of office the position is in.

Our offices, like our audits, are unique and varied, but the work of every DCAA employee helps to protect our citizens and serve the Nation.

Explore the map below for a full list of office locations by state.

Our Current Office Locations (in blue)

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