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Auditor Training

How will you be prepared to be a DCAA auditor?

Our unparalleled, focused training program sets us apart. As a new auditor, you’ll receive in-depth professional training from DCAA’s Defense Contract Audit Institute (DCAI), along with on-the-job training at your assigned DCAA location.

Initial Auditor Training at DCAI

DCAI training includes initial instructor-led courses onsite at DCAI in Atlanta, Georgia, self-study e-learning courses, and blended learning across the U.S. for some advanced courses.

DCAA has a formal, structured program for new auditors called the New Hire Continuum. In your first 6 months with DCAA, you will complete several required courses at DCAI, along with focused training for your identified needs.

New Hire Onboarding: Orientation begins at DCAI on your first day as a DCAA employee.

  • The first week provides an introduction to the Agency. You’ll meet the cohort of new employees who go through training with you, receive HR training, and enroll in benefits. You’ll also receive your laptop and CAC (Common Access Card), a smart ID card that allows you access to DCAA facilities and computer systems.
  • The second week dives into an introduction to audit concepts and contract auditing.

Following this initial training, you’ll report to your assigned office, meet your supervisor and teammates, and gain further orientation and guidance. You will return periodically to DCAI during your first six months to complete the courses summarized below.

Basic Contract Audit Skills: You’ll complete this two-week course 6-8 weeks after the onboarding program. It covers basic concepts, techniques, and procedures of DCAA contract auditing, and introduces Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) and audit criteria requirements. It also explains the end-to-end audit process and the importance of effective communication with our stakeholders.

Audit Applications: You’ll complete this two-week course about 60 days following the Basic Contract Audit Skills course. It prepares new auditors to apply basic audit methods to plan and conduct both incurred cost and forward pricing audits.

Additional Mandatory Training

During your second and third year of service with DCAA, you must complete several additional required courses through DCAI, and a Defense Acquisition University (DAU) course on Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management. You will also be able to choose among elective courses to fulfill additional focused training requirements (i.e., courses that prepare you for your specific job responsibilities).

Every new auditor must also achieve the following required job certifications and compliance, which are incorporated into DCAI’s internal and external learning plans.

  • DoD Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Certification – This certification supports an agile and high-performing military and civilian workforce that meets eligibility criteria, makes smart business decisions, acts ethically, and delivers timely and affordable capabilities to the Warfighter.
  • DoD Financial Management (FM) Certification – This certification supports the professional development of the FM workforce and provides a framework for a standard body of knowledge. DCAI maintains FM certification for all of its auditors and several other job classifications included in the FM program.
  • Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) Certification - All courses and certifications help ensure compliance with GAGAs requirements.

These certifications assure auditing compliance, provide you with the knowledge and skills required for contract auditing, and greatly enhance your professional development and marketability.

Opportunities Beyond Initial Training

DCAI offers a wide array of specialized and advanced audit training courses to build your foundation of knowledge and skills in the early stages of your career—and prepare you to advance and excel as you gain audit experience.

Over your first three years with DCAA, you'll typically receive more than 300 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) to enhance your auditing skills, and an average of 60 hours per year thereafter.

Learn more about the DCAI curriculum, and explore course offerings and information on earning CPEs in the DCAI Course Catalog.

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