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The Application Process

The federal job application process is quite different from what you encounter in the private sector. DCAA is currently using Direct Hire Authority to conduct interviews and select candidates for our open positions. There are two ways to currently apply to a position at DCAA.

1. Apply on LinkedIn. DCAA has listed our open positions on LinkedIn. Applying on LinkedIn allows applicants to upload their resume and begin the application process with our recruitment team. 

2. Apply on Handshake. DCAA has also listed our opens on Handshake. Applicants can upload their resume and transcripts on Handshake and begin the application process. 

3. Send an email to the DCAA recruitment team with a copy of your resume, transcripts, and cover letter. 

Learn about our qualifications for an auditor position on our Qualifications page. 

How Direct Hiring Authority Affects the Process

Currently, DCAA uses what is called Direct Hiring Authority to fill open positions. A candidate still has to complete an application for the position, pass the interview process, and meet any other requirements. However, a qualified applicant won’t be reviewed competitively against all other candidates. This allows DCAA to conduct interviews and often make job offers on the spot at Direct Hiring Events, as well as collect resumes and transcripts at college job fairs.

Direct Hiring Authority is also applicable to several of the Specialized Hiring Programs DCAA offers.

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