In February 2024, DCAA launched an optional Service Request Form to the Request an Audit webpage. The new Service Request Form will replace the previous link on June 3, 2024, and includes three new features.
The DCAA Leadership Conference is a critical event that offers a three-day immersive learning experience for upper-level leadership within DCAA. This year’s theme, “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,” emphasizes the need to continue learning to help ensure effective and successful long-term leadership and growth.
Sarah Duff is a Senior Auditor whose DCAA journey began in July 2020 as an audit intern with the Pathways Internship Program. Sarah worked for DCAA as a paid intern from the summer before her last semester until graduation. As an intern at a Corporate Audit Directorates (CAD), Sarah learned about DCAA’s role directing audits for DoD’s major defense contractors and worked closely with branch offices. Today, Sarah shares her internship experience.
Supervisory Auditor Kernather Ken Auguste and Senior Auditor Miguel Cardona work for the DCAA Orlando Field Audit Office and spent the past two years working on intensive negotiations after the audit revealed unfair costs for a complex aviation system.
DCAA Director Ms.Terri Dilly and Deputy Regional Director, Central Region Mr. Dave Bukauskas ceremoniously unrolling the Senior Executive Service flag.
The Directors Developmental Program in Leadership (DDPL) is the essential program that helps prepare the next generation of leaders throughout the DoD. Recently, the program’s newest cohort started their career development journey in Atlanta at the end of September.
Read DCAA's open Job Opportunity Announcement to learn more about job requirements.

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DCAA provides audit and financial advisory services to DoD and other federal entities responsible for acquisition and contract administration. DCAA’s role in the financial oversight of government contracts is critical to ensure DoD gets the best value for every dollar spent on defense contracting. DCAA operates under the authority, direction, and control of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer. Its work benefits our men and women in uniform and the American taxpayer. The Agency’s primary function is to conduct contract audits and related financial advisory services. Contract audits are independent, professional reviews of financial representations made by defense contractors, and DCAA helps determine whether contract costs are allowable, allocable, and reasonable.


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