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News | April 1, 2024

Auditors Support Negotiations Resulting in Improved Customer Service

By DCAA Staff Writer

Supervisory Auditor Kernather Ken Auguste and Senior Auditor Miguel Cardona work for the DCAA Orlando Field Audit Office and spent the past two years working on intensive negotiations after the audit revealed unfair costs for a complex aviation system. There was an approximate $200 million increase in proposed value and costs during the negotiation process. The team of DCAA auditors supported by proactively investigating requests from the customer and providing both virtual and in-person negotiations. When the proposed value increased from $4.5 billion to $4.7 billion during this case, the audit team worked to identify the true value of the proposal and helped protect the customer.

DCAA auditors uncovered over $64 million in the proposed value exceeding fair costs and helped ensure the customer received a fair proposal. The customer’s contracting officer positively shared, “I really can’t do anything other than sing the praises of DCAA. Having you guys [Mr. Auguste and Mr. Cardona] available during negotiations was exactly what we needed.” The work between the customer and DCAA auditors was highly regarded with the customer, feeling continuously supported, sharing, “…it would be beneficial for new pricers to receive training on the DCAA analysis process.”

The Orlando Field Audit Office was also recognized for their willingness to help and their proactive role providing negotiation support without causing conflict or barriers to the customer. Because of this exemplary work, the max options were negotiated, and the contracting officer requested the continuous support and presence of DCAA for the duration of the contract. DCAA auditors were also requested at the Defense Pricing and Contracting review with the Director of the Price, Cost, and Finance with the Office of the Secretary of Defense.