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Other Development Programs

In addition to DCAA’s auditor training, all DCAA employees can take advantage of several career and leadership programs to help them excel and grow. Programs are available through the DCAA Leadership Academy as well as various DoD leadership programs.

DCAA Mentoring

DCAA offers a formal 10-month mentoring program that matches mentees with mentors who can provide tools for success. The program focuses on developing technical skills, leadership competencies, and soft skills to prepare employees for career growth and progression.

DCAA Coaching

DCAA also provides a 12-month formal coaching program for employees, which is required for all new auditors and supervisors. During this task-oriented and performance-driven process, coaches share their expertise, skills, perspectives, and lessons learned to improve new employees’ skills and performance during their first year at DCAA.

DCAA Leadership Development Programs

DCAA maintains its own leadership development programs for auditors and other staff through the DCAA Leadership Academy. Our commitment to cultivating professional excellence and supporting advancement extends to external credentials and education for qualified employees.

  • Civilian Academic Degree Program (CADP) - Provides tuition assistance (up to $6000 annually) to defray the cost of obtaining a single job-related degree at the associate, bachelor, or master level, subject to the availability of funds. Employees must have at least one year of current, continuous civil service with DCAA to be eligible to apply for the program.
  • Professional Credential Program - Helps DCAA employees obtain professional credentials that are directly related to their current positions. Subject to the availability of funds, the Agency will provide administrative leave and reimburse qualified employees for credentials such as:
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) preparation, including review courses and examination fees.
  • Non-audit-related professional credentials for other career fields.

DoD Leadership Development Programs

In addition to the programs available through the DCAA Leadership Academy, DCAA employees can participate in DoD-sponsored leadership development programs, learning alongside active duty service members and other federal employees.

  • Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP) - A competency-based leadership development program for emerging and aspiring leaders, with courses conducted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
  • Executive Leader Development Program (ELDP) - This program provides participants extensive exposure to the roles and mission of the entire Department. It is designed for high-potential individuals who desire to progress to DoD senior leadership roles.
  • Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP) - This highly-competitive program is the premier civilian leader development program. It provides DoD civilian leaders with the enterprise-wide perspective needed to lead organizations and programs.

The 4th Estate Leadership Development Programs

Provides funding for interagency leadership and talent development programs for individuals to develop their technical, functional, and leadership skills. The course offerings are grouped into two categories: Intermediate Developmental Opportunities (GS-12/GS-13), and Senior Developmental Opportunities (GS-14/GS-15).

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