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DCAA has a new method for contractors to submit incurred cost proposals - the Contractor Submission Portal (CSP), which is located in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE). This portal provides a single place for contractors to submit  their incurred cost proposal electronically. When the contactor enters the CSP, they will have three options; Submit a New Proposal, Update existing Proposal, and Withdraw a Proposal. Each of these actions will generate an email from the CSP to the cognizant Field Audit Office (FAO). The use of the CSP is not mandatory; however, we highly encourage you to use the CSP to facilitate submission of your incurred cost proposal. 

Some of the benefits from using the CSP for submitting the Incurred Cost Proposal are: 1) Ability to easily transfer large incurred cost submissions; 2) Receipt of a formal notification validating your submission was received by the cognizant FAO; 3) Centralized storage with version control to ensure DCAA works with the most current version provided; 4) Simple process for withdrawing or updating a proposal. 

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