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Secure your financial future with federal benefits.
The Benefit of Benefits: Securing Your Financial Future
By DCAA Staff Writer | April 13, 2021
While some prospective employees focus on salary, there are many other job benefits that also

As Gen Z enters the workplace, it's important to acknowledge how their needs and learning differentiate from generations before them.
5 Things Gen Z Values in the Workplace
By DCAA Staff Writer | March 22, 2021
Born at the turn of the millennium, Generation Z is recognized as one of the most demographically

Learn more about when to apply to DCAA before graduating from college.
When Should Graduating Students Start Applying to DCAA?
By DCAA Staff Writer | March 11, 2021
Graduation is fast approaching, but many people are uncertain about the right time to start applying

An array of generous federal benefits and programs are available to help you balance work and personal responsibilities, including:
Achieving a Work-Life Balance at DCAA
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 22, 2021
Work-life balance is not just a phrase we say at DCAA, but a principle we practice. But what does

DCAA interns talk about the ways they balance work and school responsibilities throughout their internships.
How do DCAA Interns Manage School and Work?
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 18, 2021
DCAA participates in a federal Pathways Program, which is a paid program that introduces current

DCAA audits help determine whether contract costs are reasonable and comply with contract terms.
Understanding DCAA Audits
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 8, 2021
There is no other agency that does the work DCAA does for the Department of Defense (DoD). Perhaps

An incurred cost audit helps assess the accuracy of a contractor’s annual costs.
Common DCAA Audits: Incurred Cost
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 8, 2021
Let’s break down one of the most common types of audits completed: An incurred cost

Forward pricing audits are used to ensure costs in a contractor’s proposal are fair, reasonable, and comply with all federal regulations.
Common DCAA Audits: Forward Pricing
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 8, 2021
Forward Pricing audits are another common audit DCAA employees complete. Read on to get an overview

DCAA has two programs to pair mentees with mentors who can help with their career growth, mentoring and coaching.
Why Mentors are Great for Your Career
By DCAA Staff Writer | Jan. 25, 2021
DCAA knows that mentorships offer an invaluable opportunity for members of the workforce to gain

. Excellence is the second value in the TEAMIT acronym.
How DCAA Employees Embody the TEAMIT Value of Excellence
By DCAA Staff Writer | Jan. 19, 2021
DCAA’s TEAMIT values are at the core of our culture and set a standard for employees to embody in

Follow these six tips to help you alleviate the stress of teleworking as a new employee.
6 Tips for Managing Telework Stress as a New DCAA Employee
By DCAA Staff Writer | Jan. 4, 2021
Are you a recent graduate or a new DCAA employee? Juggling all of your responsibilities and starting

DCAA employees know their work is about more than just numbers; everything they do impacts our DoD servicemembers.
How DCAA Employees Contribute to the DoD Mission
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 30, 2020
As part of the Department of Defense, DCAA experts audit the government contracts that produce vital

Networking in the federal government is different than networking in the private sector.
Can You “Network” in the Federal Government? How to Learn About DCAA
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 21, 2020
In the private sector, networking is usually considered one of the most important elements of a job

DCAA’s Culture Embodies Its Value of Teamwork
How DCAA’s Culture Embodies Its Value of Teamwork
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 10, 2020
DCAA’s TEAMIT values are an important aspect of our culture, shaping your employee experience

Learn how you can craft your resume if you are still a student or a recent graduate.
How do Students and Recent Graduates Craft Their Resumes?
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 7, 2020
One of the major pieces of advice for writing a federal resume is to be thorough and include details

What Are DCAA’s TEAMIT Values?
By DCAA Staff Writer | Nov. 30, 2020
DCAA has six core values that we aim to exemplify in our daily work. Known as TEAMIT values, they

DCAA employees talk about their transition from service member to civilian.
DCAA Veterans: Transitioning from a Military to Civilian Career
By DCAA Staff Writer | Nov. 6, 2020
As a nation on Veterans Day, we recognize and thank every U.S. military veteran for their service

DCAA offers an in-depth auditor training program for new auditors.
What is DCAA New Auditor Training?
By DCAA Staff Writer | Oct. 30, 2020
DCAA knows that no one starts as a new auditor knowing exactly what DCAA contract auditing is.

Learn more about how you can request disability accommodations for your DCAA interview.
Accessibility Accommodations in the DCAA Application Process
By DCAA Staff Writer | Oct. 14, 2020
DCAA strives to hire the best and brightest candidates with all types of life experiences and

Follow these tips to pass the USA Hire Assessment
4 Tips to Pass the USA Hire Assessment
By DCAA Staff Writer | Oct. 12, 2020
All candidates applying for an auditor position at DCAA must pass the USA Hire assessment in order