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Career News | March 19, 2024

Working at DCAA as a Human Resources Specialist

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA is a unique agency where auditors account for approximately 90 percent of the workforce. While auditors make up most of DCAA, there are many crucial roles that support the agency without the need for an accounting degree. Katherine started working at DCAA in June 2023. She has a decade of experience in human resources (HR), starting in 2014 with the Department of Army. Read about what Katherine does and if a job at DCAA in HR is right for you.

Katherine works as a Human Resource Specialist with HR, both internally and externally supporting DCAA. “My role involves managing various aspects of the employee’s lifecycle within the agency. I am in the HR team that advises on the best recruitment strategies to attract, hire, and retain a skilled and diverse workforce using flexible hiring authorities and special programs.”

Stability and job security are crucial to Katherine, “…government employees enjoy high job security with a slim chance of massive scale lay-offs in the government.” Other benefits of working in the government include competitive salaries and benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Many federal agencies also offer various career paths and opportunities both within the U.S. and overseas.

A typical workday for Katherine starts by checking emails, messages, and voicemails for any urgent tasks. After the initial check, she reviews all pending tasks from the previous day and additional tasks for the current day. “Identifying what is urgent and necessary for each task to manage my time effectively is essential to timely completion of each task, reduce stress, and achieve a work-life balance.”

Katherine enjoys a lot about working for DCAA but highlights the support and resources the agency offers all staff, “Even though I am not an auditor, I am fully supported by the agency with resources, training opportunities, and essential requirements to be successful in the position. My supervisor inspires the team while providing guidance, support, and opportunities for learning and development.”

DCAA embraces and overcomes workplace challenges by fostering open communication, advocating for teamwork, working on improving processes and programs, and providing training and development to all employees, regardless of their position. Katherine shares, “There are lots of programs in the agency to minimize employee burnout and improve productivity and performance. The flexible work schedules and employee fitness programs are just a couple of the great programs DCAA has to offer.”