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Career News | June 24, 2024

Wellness and Work-Life Balance with the DCAA Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program

By DCAA Staff Writer

At DCAA, work-life balance isn’t just used for marketing, it’s a real effort and priority to ensure a positive culture. Chris Wright is an office manager with a year at DCAA and 12 years of federal experience. He participates in the DCAA Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program three times a week for a total of three hours using the fixed scheduled.

Today, he’s sharing his experience with the DCAA Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program and the benefits and support this program offers. He also shares his experience with the support and encouragement he receives from leadership so he can seamlessly blend his healthy lifestyle with his work.

How do you get started?

My supervisor told me about the program. The enrollment process was super simple, it’s a quick one-page form where you choose a set or flexible schedule, include your hours, and get your supervisor’s signature.

Do you feel supported participating in this program?

I’ve worked for other federal agencies that support this program but I’ve definitely felt the most support at DCAA. I’m encouraged to take my gym time and since my schedule is already set, I just let my supervisor know I’m leaving when I’m in the office and when I’m working remotely, I just send a quick message on online.

It’s a non-judgmental program with a lot of flexible options, you don’t even have to go to the gym. You can walk, lift weights, take workout classes, or even work with a nutritionist to name a few of the activities that count for this time. Even though I work in a demanding office, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong when I take my time, it’s just a benefit from working at DCAA.

How does this program impact your well-being?

Participating in this program improves my overall well-being both at work and in my personal life. It keeps me stress-free in the office environment and stimulates endorphins that help my positivity. I feel healthier, more inspired, and creative. I’m in better physical shape and it enhances my efficiency at work by keeping me feeling fresh and motivated. It keeps my mind clear from cloudiness and makes sure I don’t have to worry about scheduling my workout time after a long day of work. I essentially work a 37-hour work week, I get paid to keep myself healthy and reduce my time looking at a computer screen. This program is a win-win. DCAA really emphasizes the work-life balance and happiness in the agency, the program is well implemented.

Overall, Chris’ experience with the DCAA Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program highlights DCAA’s priority for well-being and work-life balance. Providing flexible and supportive options for personal health, DCAA helps people both in their personal and professional life. The workforce is the foundation for DCAA’s success and fostering a positive workplace is a priority.