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Critical thinking is an important skill for every auditor to have.
Why Critical Thinking is Essential to Auditing
By DCAA Staff Writer | April 12, 2022
The concept of critical thinking traces back to Socrates, who used probing questions to reveal

Hear from DCAA employees who transitioned to the agency from other career fields.
Transitioning to DCAA From Other Careers
By DCAA Staff Writer | March 15, 2022
It’s rare to know exactly what you want out of your career when you’re first entering the workplace, and desired experiences may change throughout different stages of life. Often, people make a few transitions in their careers, learning various skills and exploring various industries. Learn about some of the unique journeys DCAA employees took that led them to the Agency.

Teamwork is essential to achieving DCAA's mission.
Teaming for DCAA Success
By DCAA Staff Writer | March 7, 2022
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) defines “teams” as having at least two people “who coordinate their activities to accomplish a common goal.” DCAA knows that successfully managed teams are key for meeting goals that advance our mission and help create the best workplace for all employees.

DCAA is hiring auditors
DCAA is Hiring Auditors
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 28, 2022
DCAA is always accepting applications for entry-level auditors and with 228 DCAA office locations in 41 states, you are sure to find somewhere to call home.

DCAA Interns often want to become full time employees once their internship is over.
Why DCAA Interns Want to Become Full-time Employees
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 23, 2022
DCAA interns are an integral part of our Agency and contribute valuable mission-driven work every

DCAA internships are not like other internships. Learn what makes our internships unique.
What Makes a DCAA Internship Unique?
By DCAA Staff Writer | Feb. 14, 2022
The quality of the intern experience varies dramatically between different organizations. While

A recap of 2021 numbers
FY2021 By the Numbers
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 27, 2021
As we look back on 2021, DCAA is extremely proud of the efforts of our employees and their continued

DCAA employees discuss their proudest career moments
Proudest Moment at DCAA
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 20, 2021
We at DCAA believe that we are a workplace like no other, with a mission like no other. The men and

DCAA employees share what they would tell their past selves
What Seasoned Employees Would Tell Their Former Selves
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 13, 2021
Every job has a learning curve that evens out with years of experience and on-the-job training.

Employees discuss their three favorite things about working at DCAA
3 Favorite Things about Working at DCAA
By DCAA Staff Writer | Dec. 6, 2021
You are certainly forgiven if you hear the phrase, “favorite things” and first think of Julie

One of the values DCAA strives to embody is continuous learning and one way this is done is through the Upward Mobility Program.
Reaching High with the Upward Mobility Program
By DCAA Staff Writer | Nov. 29, 2021
One of the values DCAA strives to embody is continuous learning, which is seen through several

DCAA’s Coaching Program offers a unique professional development opportunity for all employees.
DCAA Coaching: Cultivating Job Skills for All Involved
By DCAA Staff Writer | Nov. 8, 2021
DCAA’s Coaching Program offers a unique professional development opportunity for all employees. Dr.

Common DCAA Audits
Common DCAA Audits: Floor Checks and Material Cost Audits
By DCAA Staff Writer | Nov. 1, 2021
DCAA conducts a series of specialized incurred cost audit activities that are known as Mandatory

Avoid these five mistakes when applying to DCAA.
5 Mistakes to Avoid Throughout the DCAA Application Process
By DCAA Staff Writer | Oct. 12, 2021
You can be smart about researching an organization and do a great job of matching your qualifications to the Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA)—but still make fundamental mistakes in “soft skills” somewhere else along the process that don’t put you in the best light. Here are five examples of mistakes to avoid when applying to DCAA

DCAA has locations all across the country and overseas.
The Many Locations for DCAA Positions
By DCAA Staff Writer | Oct. 4, 2021
The opportunity to work across the United States and potentially overseas is among the many benefits

DCAA auditors need these five skills to be successful.
Five Skills DCAA Auditors Need to Have
By DCAA Staff Writer | Sept. 21, 2021
While it goes without saying that auditors need strong financial literacy, there are a myriad of other skills that help make a DCAA auditor successful. Here are few of skills that all DCAA auditors need to have.

Here are smart questions to ask during your interview
Smart Questions for Your DCAA Interview
By DCAA Staff Writer | Aug. 16, 2021
Leave your interview panel impressed by asking these questions throughout your interview.

Follow these tips to help you pass your DCAA phone or virtual interview.
8 Tips for Virtual or Phone Interviews
By DCAA Staff Writer | Aug. 16, 2021
Follow these 8 tips to help you feel confident during a virtual or phone interview portion of the DCAA hiring process.

Next time you look for a new job, remember these five great benefits of a federal career.
Why Federal? 5 Benefits of a Government Career
By DCAA Staff Writer | Aug. 3, 2021
Every day, members of the federal workforce do important work that helps our nation move

Review these suggestions if you do not receive a job offer from DCAA.
What to Do for Different Outcomes of Your Application
By DCAA Staff Writer | July 15, 2021
The DCAA application process through USAJOBS can seem overwhelming if you’re new to federal hiring,