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Career News | Feb. 2, 2023

FY22 By the Numbers

As we look back on 2022, DCAA is extremely proud of the efforts of our employees and their continued dedication to our mission of supporting the warfighter and protecting the taxpayer. In a year that was challenging in many ways, below are just a few of the Agency’s reasons to celebrate. In fiscal year 2022, DCAA:

  • Examined $262.3 billion in contract costs - We would not be able to successfully fulfill our mission without the continued dedication of our auditors at every level of the Agency. Check out an overview of the most common audit types to learn how DCAA auditors evaluate contract costs.
  • Issued 2,560 audit reports - This is just slightly below the number of reports issued in 2022, but each audit is a testament to our dedication to support the warfighter and protect the taxpayer.
  • Audited contracts awarded to over 4,000 DoD contractors - It takes teamwork to support our warfighters and the contractors who supply the goods and services that are essential to members of that team. DCAA auditors around the nation examined contractors’ costs to help ensure fair and reasonable prices. This number fluctuates each year, but DoD counts on DCAA to ensure contract costs are reviewed.
  • Identified $3.7 billion in net savings - Through the thorough examination of DoD contract costs, our auditors and support staff helped save the equivalent of about $11 for every resident in the United States.

DCAA’s role in the financial oversight of government contracts is critical to ensure DoD gets the best value for every dollar spent on defense contracts. Our auditors will continue to determine whether contract costs are allowable, allocable, and reasonable throughout 2022 and beyond.