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Career Development

No one comes out of school—or from other audit-related positions—knowing exactly how to do what DCAA auditors do. Federal contract auditing is a unique, specialized discipline. That’s why DCAA offers best-in-class professional audit training, along with outstanding opportunities for professional and leadership development.

Career development is truly a core value. As a new DCAA auditor, your training will begin right away and continue throughout your time with the Agency.

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Auditor Training

In addition to extensive on-the-job training, DCAA has its own accredited training institute that provides expansive contract audit training, from entry level to expert.


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To further your success, DCAA offers formal mentoring and coaching programs, extensive leadership development, and financial assistance for a variety of programs and certifications. See how being both a DCAA and DoD employee grants you access to extraordinary career and professional development opportunities.


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