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The ICE Model, which is the electronic version of the "Model Incurred Cost Proposal" provides contractors with a standard, user-friendly ICE submission package for preparing adequate incurred cost proposals in accordance with FAR 52.216-7, "Allowable Cost and Payment" (see note 1 below).  To assist contractors in meeting this requirement, this web page provides Version 2.0.1h (released April 2018) of DCAA's electronic model incurred cost proposal.

NOTE: Contractors should ensure they use the most current version of the ICE model when preparing their incurred cost proposals.

The ICE Program changes included with this current version are summarized in the document, ICE Program - Version Notes. The ICE user manual can be viewed here.

If this is your first experience with the ICE Model, please contact your local DCAA Office to discuss the model and its requirements before preparing the proposal. 

To download and extract the ICE Model files:

[Specific steps may vary depending on the software and version you are using to unzip the ICE download] :

  1. Create a folder on your C drive, and name it ICE.
  2. Download ICE to the new ICE folder.  Then select "close."
  3. Locate the ICE file in your ICE folder using My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  4. Before you open the ICE file, please see note 2 below.
  5. Double-click on ICE and the WinZip interface will open, click the Extract button.

Your ICE folder will now show the ICE file plus one Word (.doc) file and two Excel (.xlsm) files.

Open both ICE_Model.xlsm (see Note 3 below) and ICE MANUAL.doc. ICE_Model.xlsm is linked to the ICE MANUAL Index. The manual includes user instructions, the purpose of each schedule, and identifies the linking among schedules in ICE_Model.xlsm. The second Excel file (ICE_Demo.xlsm) can also be opened to view completed sheets and formulas while inputting into ICE_Model.xlsm.

NOTE 1:  Please note that while the ICE model is intended to aid the contractor in providing an adequate submission to DCAA, its use does not guarantee that the submission will be judged adequate. It is the purview of your cognizant DCAA Office to determine, in the judgment of the auditor reviewing your submission, whether or not it is adequate, regardless of what model is used.

NOTE 2: The process of unzipping the updated files will overwrite existing files in the target folder if the old files share the same name as the updated files. If you have an existing version of the workbook named "ICE_Model.xlsm" containing data you wish to keep (e.g., a prior year ICE_Model.xlsm), be sure to make a back-up copy or rename it.

NOTE 3: The ICE workbooks contain macros to apply changes based on the information input on the Setupworksheet. In order for the workbook to work properly:

Excel 2007/2010: Click the Options button button next to the Security Warning on the ribbon, select the "Enable Content" option on the Security Options dialog box and then click OK.