The ICE Model, which is the electronic version of the "Model Incurred Cost Proposal" provides contractors with a standard, user-friendly ICE submission package for preparing adequate incurred cost proposals in accordance with FAR 52.216-7, "Allowable Cost and Payment" (see note 1 below). To assist contractors in meeting this requirement, this web page provides Version 2.0.1h (released April 2018) of DCAA's electronic model incurred cost proposal.

NOTE: Contractors should ensure they use the most current version of the ICE model when preparing their incurred cost proposals.

The ICE Program changes included with this current version are summarized in the document, ICE Program - Version Notes. The ICE user manual can be viewed here.

If this is your first experience with the ICE Model, please contact your local DCAA Office to discuss the model and its requirements before preparing the proposal. 

For instructions on downloading the ICE Model can be viewed here. 

For information on the Contractor Submission Portal click here