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News | June 17, 2024

Kathy Fastenau: Recipient of the United States Attorney’s Office Award

By DCAA Staff Writer

Kathy Fastenau is a Senior Auditor with the Operations Investigative Support Division (OIS). The United States Attorney’s Office-Central District of California (USAO) selected Kathy as a recipient of the 20th Annual Law Enforcement Award for her outstanding work in support of the USAO’s prosecutions and litigation.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney and Defense Criminal Investigative Service shared their appreciation for Kathy’s work throughout the Irvine Wellness Pharmacy compound drug investigation, plea negotiations, and trial. Kathy provided multiple financial analyses throughout the investigation including analysis of numerous bank accounts, fund flow diagrams, and more. As a result of the investigation, five of the primary subjects were excluded from participating in the Health and Human Services’ Federal Health Care programs for time periods ranging from 16 to 37 years and received combined restitution orders totaling $31.6 million and over 34 years of combined imprisonment.

Kathy shares, “Being a part of OIS, and the opportunity to support and collaborate with the investigative community is the most rewarding position that I have held throughout my career. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing financial data to paint a picture of how our government was harmed in a variety of schemes. The satisfaction of seeing bad actors being held accountable for their actions is incredibly fulfilling, as both a member of the investigative team and as a taxpayer!”