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Career News | May 20, 2021

How Do I Understand DCAA Open Positions on USAJOBS?

By DCAA Staff Writer

So you’ve found the open positions DCAA has on USAJOBS - that’s great! Read on to make sure you review the Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) well to check that you’re qualified for the position, understand the responsibilities, and can then showcase the right experience on your application.

If you’ve never used USAJOBS to apply for a federal job, this is the platform where all DCAA positions will be posted. Check out our website or some of the other blogs to learn more about the application process or creating an account.

Each JOA lists seven sections that detail information and requirements for each open position. In addition to overall DCAA qualifications, it’s very important that you carefully read everything in the JOA to make sure you are eligible, qualified, and understand the duties, responsibilities, and location for that specific position. As you do that, here are a few items to look for to help you better understand the opportunity:

  • Eligibility - “Qualifications” are different from “eligibility.” While qualifications ensure you have the correct education or experience for the position, eligibility notes whether you fall into what USAJOBS calls the correct “hiring paths.”
    • What you’ll see: Icons next to the JOA that list eligibility such as “Open to the public” or for “Veterans.” Hover over the icon to see further explanation.
  • General Schedule (GS) Level - Make sure that any position you apply for matches your GS level, which refers to your position on the federal pay scale. Read more about the GS pay scale and what level you may be on our websiteImage of USA Jobs website
  • Location - DCAA has over 240 offices in locations around the country and world. Read carefully where the position is available, if there is travel required, and the type of office you’ll be at to understand your responsibilities.
  • Application Process Requirements - Take special note of the items listed in the “How to Apply” section. All applicants will need to upload the required documents and complete the initial assessment on USAJOBS. If you are applying for an auditor position and pass the first two items, you will receive an email to complete the USA Hire assessment. For all candidates, if you complete your required steps and are still qualified, you may then be referred for an interview.

There are also resources in the JOA that detail the Agency contact information if you have any questions, including requests about reasonable accommodations. Explore USAJOBS to review the many great resources to help you understand the JOA and complete your application.