Revision 2.0.0

1. Changes:

  • Support for 64-bit Office
  • Help within the application is no longer supported (there is/will be DCAA online guidance).
  • Universe file selection now defaults to an Excel File rather than an Access File.
  • Following the selection of a universe file, the Field Selection dialog is displayed rather than a Welcome dialog.
  • After loading a universe file, Graph Data is no longer available.
  • In Display Universe, Cum. % of Total stops calculating once it reaches 95% rather than the 1,000th sample.
  • View Universe was added to the final step of sample selection next to Show Strata Profile and Show Review Items.
  • Some calculated fields have changes due to rounding  or presentation (with or without “%”).
  • Some minor navigation changes were made (fewer popup dialogs).
  • In some cases, the text of instructions were changed.

2. Known Issues:

  • Infrequently the Random Start (sampling seed) is not saved in the Sample file (*.EZQ).
  • When defining the high dollar stratum, the field does not allow typing of decimals. Decimals must be copy/pasted into this field.
  • Instances of zero values during evaluation (confidence interval, precision range, precision amount, achieved precision).
  • Instances of “Show Projection, Confidence Interval” displaying results when first used, but unable to open this evaluation screen a second time.
  • Infrequently, the sample file (*.EZQ) will not save.

Revision 1509

1. Statistical Sampling

  • Upgraded functionality for sampling from Access databases, substantially improving performance with large data sets and eliminating conditions that caused occasional cut-off of listing of sample items.
  • Minor enhancement in reporting of dollar unit sample evaluation to more clearly show user-specified confidence level and confidence interval type (one sided vs. two sided).
  • Minor enhancement to the export of random number generation report to Excel, ensuring that the numbers themselves are exported as numbers and not as text.

2. Regression, Improvement Curves

  • Revised to eliminate the use of an ActiveX object reported to possess, in its older versions, certain security vulnerabilities.

Revision 1303

1. Statistical Sampling:

  • Upgraded to enable import of sampling universes from Access 2007 and 2010 data bases. In the past, users had needed first to convert these data bases to the 2003 format.

2. Regression

  • Resolved an issue related to links between spreadsheets that occurred when saving an EZ-Quant graph built in conjunction with Excel 2010.

3. Improvement Curves

  • Enhanced Graphing Capabilities: Excel's charting capabilities are now used to produce graphs of lot data, improvement curves and projections. Similar to that available for EZ-Quant regression, the graphing feature has options within EZ-Quant to assist the auditor in customizing its contents and appearance. The graph may also be exported to Excel where it will appear as an Excel chart and may be further customized using the full capabilities of Excel charting.

Revision 1105

This revision includes several significant enhancements and corrections to the EZ Quant applications, including:

1. Statistical Sampling:

  • Enhancement to the Variable Sampling Projection screen to display the achieved precision percentage.
  • Variable Sampling Projection screen (and related Excel output) modified to clearly differentiate between high dollar and sampling strata.
  • Revision to correct a problem with reading an Excel sampling universe when the contents of a descriptive cell contained an error condition.
  • Minor revisions to the sample plan screens and notification messages to improve overall software operation.

 2.R2. Regression

  • Enhanced Graphing Capabilities - uses Excel's charting capabilities to produce a more robust, professional graph of the regression and projection(s).
  • Inclusion of Two Curvilinear Equations.
  • Inclusion of the Adjusted r2 Measure of Fit.
  • Updated Formatting of Excel Output - provides enhanced appearance of statistical reports that are exported to Excel.
  • Add capability to export regression reports and graphs to a single Excel workbook.

Revision 1.1.1

This revision repairs non-critical errors concerning null values in descriptive fields while reading an Access database and now alerts the user to the existence of empty descriptive fields in the universe file for all import file types (Access, Excel, text). It also repairs an error that occurred in some instances of exporting the sampling plan to Word.

Revision 1.1.0

In the sampling module, EZ-Quant now features:

  • The ability to read audit universes directly from Excel worksheets
  • The ability to direct all EZ-Quant Excel-formatted outputs to individual worksheets in a single Excel workbook
  • Regression and improvement curve modules have not been altered.

Revision 1.0.2

When sampling from an Access data base, the data base can now be in the 97 format, the 2000 format, or the 2002 format. Before, it was necessary for the user to convert data bases from the 2000 or 2002 formats to the 97 format in order for the database to be compatible with EZ-Quant.

In some cases of dollar unit sampling from a particularly small sampling universe, with version 1.0.1 a high dollar item might be erroneously listed as a sample item, masking a sample item. This problem has been resolved.

In the regression module, the table showing a comparison of actual dependent variable values with their counterparts read from the regression line was blank when sent to the printer. This has been remedied in version 1.0.2.

References to Windows 95 have been deleted. Versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 are compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. References to the Special Programs Branch of the Technical Audit Services Division have been changed to that branch's new name, the Technical Support Branch.


Revision 1.0.1

Original Release