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News | Nov. 7, 2018

Shadow Program in Albuquerque brings DCAA and DCMA Closer

DCAA’s Vision is “Every audit or service is on time, on point, and highly valued.” If we better understand our customer’s needs, we’re better positioned to provide audits or services that are on point and highly valued.

DCAA’s Albuquerque Branch Office, in collaboration with DCMA, began the Shadow Program, which brought together participants from DCAA and DCMA to gain new insights into the operations of both Agencies. “It’s essential to the mission that both agencies understand each other’s role throughout the acquisition cycle to properly complement the value each provides,” stated Dan Kick, DCAA’s Albuquerque Branch Manager. Participants focused their efforts on improving business practices, mindsets, and creating a culture of mutual respect, where results and accountability matter.

The Shadow Program far exceeded its initial expectations. Deepening understanding of roles led to:

  •  DCAA’s office identified work that was not needed by their customer. As a result, they reduced the number of hours spent on incurred cost audits by approximately 20%.
  • As a result of implementing a more efficient process, DCAA’s office reduced the time spent on processing interim public vouchers by approximately 15%.
  • DCMA Albuquerque surpassed their goal of reducing the number of overage contracts by 30% and were ahead of schedule for closing contracts with cancelling funds.

DCMA Contracts Supervisor Bobby Moore stated that because of the program “my team is anticipated to clear nearly all of the 21 remaining cost type contract with performance ending in FY14 or prior by the time the final vouchers for FY15 are due from the contractor. This would not be possible were it not for the sharing of knowledge regarding DCMA's closeout procedures and requirements and DCAA's support.”

The Shadow Program was developed and implemented in October 2017 in Albuquerque with DCAA and DCMA as initial participants. Since that time, it has improved and is now being spread to various locations throughout the country. Some locations are in initial stages of setting up the program, while the Los Angeles area has already begun shadowing.