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News | May 14, 2019

Pittsburg Office wins Bronze Award

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s Pittsburgh Branch Office won the prestigious Federal Executive Board Bronze Chairman’s Award for its accomplishments in fiscal year (FY) 2018, which included competing 112 audit assignments, examining over $1 billion of contractor incurred costs, $400 million of proposals, and saving over $52 million in Department of Defense and Department of Energy spending to be returned to the taxpayer or reinvested in our warfighters.

The office met their goal of completing all of the FY 2015 incurred cost audits before the end of FY 2018 through dedication, hard work, diligent effort, and teamwork. The office completed incurred cost audits of 19 contractor submissions representing over $1 billion and identified over $5.1 million in audit exceptions.

The office also achieved their goal to issue every forward pricing audit on time. Not only were the due dates met, but also there were significant cost savings to the government. Over the year, the office examined over $398.7 million in forward pricing audits and questioned over $18.7 million.

While doing all their audits, the office kept the customer first and was frequently recognized by their customers for their efforts. One such customer at the office of naval research said of the office’s negotiation support for the FY2009-2013 incurred cost audits, “I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help on the incurred cost negotiations. Your due diligence, responsiveness, and total support have been greatly appreciated. Because of your assistance, I am hopeful that 5-years of incurred cost audits that have been lingering in our office for more than a year will be closed by April. Once again, I truly appreciate your help and professionalism. I look forward to our future collaborations.”

The award recognizes Federal Agencies and employees who have done extraordinary things to help build a government that costs less, works better, and puts people first.