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News | Aug. 28, 2019

Joint Conference Focuses on Success and Opportunities

By DCAA Staff Writer

The DCAA Boeing Honeywell Corporate Audit Directorate and DCMA Boeing co-hosted a roundtable event for Field Audit Office Managers, Contracting Officers, and senior leadership from both agencies with the theme “Successes and Opportunities.” The first day’s roundtable covered current focus areas of business systems, incurred costs, forward pricing rates, and cost monitoring. Attendees discussed opportunities and plans to improve joint oversight of their respective cognizant business units.

During the second day, attendees met with Boeing Corporate management to discuss Boeing’s plan for its upcoming Forward Pricing Rate (FRP) submission cycle and to review lessons learned from the previous cycle. Boeing management provided an extensive overview of their FPR cycle and timeline. Insightful feedback from DCAA and DCMA attendees assisted Boeing improve and adjust processes to increase efficiency for both Boeing and the government. One attendee commented, “The forward pricing rate process will benefit from the roundtable. I anticipate we will have a more focused and coordinated approach…that is consistent and serve the Department’s interest more timely.”

Overall, the two day event was extremely insightful and beneficial to all participating organizations strengthening relationships and improving business processes.  “It was a great venue for addressing issues across the Boeing network and in seeking solutions and processes consistent across the associated business units.”