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News | Jan. 20, 2022

Working in the Boston Area – A Great Career Option

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA has offices across the United States, primarily located in close proximity to defense contractors. In some areas, there are several DCAA offices due to the presence of multiple defense contractors. One such area is Lowell, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Within a 30-mile radius of Lowell, there are eight Field Audit Offices as well as the Headquarters of the General Dynamics/Raytheon Technologies Corporate Audit Directorate (GDRT CAD). This proximity provides excellent opportunities for career development and advancement.

The average new DCAA auditor typically spends their first few years at one Field Audit Office. This provides the best developmental outcome: a solid foundation in auditing skills via our extensive on-the-job training, leadership skills, and promotion to the GS-12 level.  It also prepares our auditors for promotion to supervisory auditor, technical specialist, quality assurance specialist and other audit-related GS-13 positions and beyond. Once auditors reach the GS-12 level, they may move to another office to gain more experience or for a promotion.  For example, offices under a Corporate Audit Directorate will generally audit contracts associated with only one or two contractors. These contracts will be very complex and involve costs in the billions. Compare that to an office under any one of our 3 Regions where audits are performed on a variety of smaller contractors involving significantly fewer dollars but with a different complexity. For these reasons, our auditors may move from a CAD into a Region to experience the different types of audit work DCAA performs.  One uniqueness about the Lowell area: Field Audit Offices in CADs and Regions are present within the commutable vicinity, providing opportunity for our auditors to experience both sides of DCAA.   

All new auditors are on a career ladder to GS-12 without competition – meaning they do not need to apply to be promoted, they simply need to meet clearly defined performance expectations.  (link to article). Beyond the GS-12 level, auditors must compete for promotion to GS-13 and above. Due to the number of DCAA offices in the Lowell area, promotion opportunities are more plentiful than at a DCAA location where only one or two smaller offices are present.  This variety of positions and type of work, at all grade levels, make working in the Lowell, Massachusetts area a strategic choice when embarking on a career in auditing with DCAA and affords our auditors the opportunity to plant roots in the community for a long, rewarding career.

Living within commuting distance of our Lowell area offices brings a plethora of work/life balance activities: American history from the Mayflower to the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the American Revolution; diverse landscape from beaches to mountains offer four seasons of outdoor activity; and a direct commuter rail to Boston provides easy access to the historic and cultural offerings in this vibrant, metropolitan area, including venues for the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots.  The Lowell area is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and textile industry.

Offices near Lowell are:
Merrimack Valley Branch Office, Lowell, Mass.
Mitre Corporation Suboffice , Bedford, Mass.
Northern New England Branch Office, Lowell, Mass.
Raytheon TX Corporate Resident Office, Waltham, Mass.
RTX RMD Northeast Resident Office, Tewksbury, Mass.
General Dynamics Taunton Suboffice, Taunton, Mass.
Palmdale Suboffice, Andover, Mass.
Atlantic pacific branch office, Merrimack, NH
BAE Electronic Systems, Nashua, NH