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News | Feb. 7, 2024

Celebrating African Americans and the Arts – Tiffany Dixon

By DCAA Staff Writer

Tiffany Dixon is more than an auditor at DCAA. Tiffany is an “under-the-radar” private artist that loves to express her view of art in her own unique way.

Tiffany emphasizes that art is a way for her to express feelings or discomforts she has felt throughout her life and that art can be informative, expressive, and relevant at any time in history; “…the arts have been the best form of therapeutic practices for me.” Tiffany expresses herself through poetry, drawings, and paintings.

“This piece is called ‘Beauty in All Shades.’ I love this piece because it’s an artistic piece I did at a friend’s birthday party, but it became a great piece that featured many shades of Melanin skinned, beautiful women portraits with the artist’s own spin on the art piece.”

Learn more about the history and influence of African Americans and the arts by visiting your local art museum in person or online. Consider attending local events celebrating Black History Month to experience the diverse and impactful contributions of Black and African American artists.