Welcome to DCAA™ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requester Service Center. The FOIA (5 U.S.C. 552) provides members of the public access to federal government records unless they are protected from disclosure by one or more exemptions. The FOIA exempts classified material; internal personnel rules and practices; information prohibited from disclosure by other statutes; commercial business information submitted in confidence; privileged internal communications; personal information; law enforcement records; bank examination records; and information concerning wells.

To obtain DCAA records under the FOIA, submit a request in writing to the appropriate DCAA Service Center (Headquarters or Regional Office) ATTN:  FOIA Service Center or by email, and provide your postal mailing address. Describe the records as specifically as possible and include the words "FOIA request" in the letter and on the envelope. State your willingness to pay any fees involved, or set a dollar limit. We will notify you if actual costs will exceed any limit you set. Where fees total $15 or less, they will not be assessed. Established DoD fees are $20 per hour for clerical search and review; $44 per hour for professional search and review; and $.15 per page for reproduction. The FOIA permits recovery of the direct costs of providing information based on a requester™ category. There are three requester categories commercial (pay search, review, and reproduction fees); educational, non-commercial scientific institutions, and news media (pay reproduction fees in excess of 100 pages); and other (pay search and reproduction fees in excess of two hours search and 100 pages). If requesting a fee waiver, describe how disclosure of the requested documents is in the public interest and explain how you will disseminate it.

DCAA FOIA Reading Room The Reading Room contains four categories of records final opinions made in the adjudication of administrative cases; policy statements; administrative staff manuals; and frequently requested records. Before submitting a request, please check to see if the information you are looking for is in the Reading Room or on DCAA™ web site.

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