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News | Jan. 22, 2020

Policy and Quality team up to Discuss Guidance, Address Common Issues

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s Policy & Plans and Integrity & Quality Assurance Directorates conducted a weeklong conference at Southbridge, Mass. The two directorates meet together once a year to discuss areas of shared interest. The Policy & Plans directorate writes Agency policy related to the conduct of audits while the Integrity & Quality Assurance Directorate reviews the work of auditors in the field to ensure compliance with Agency policy. This annual meeting focuses on common issues found during reviews, their possible causes, and solutions. 

During the conference, attendees received updates on current topics affecting the Agency and participated in teambuilding events. There were also topics focused on professional development including the session “Leadership is Everyone’s Business” presented by Dr. George Monk from the Defense Contract Audit Institute.  

The conference also featured breakout sessions focused on current challenges related to policy and quality implementation in Field Audit Offices. After brainstorming possible solutions, the groups briefed all the attendees on their recommendations. Members of Policy and Quality will now further evaluate the recommendations and implement solutions.