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News | Sept. 16, 2020

Financial Liaison Advisors at Detroit Arsenal Recognized for Efforts

By DCAA Staff Writer

Financial Liaison Advisors Mr. Joe Merryweather, Ms. Char Kreitzer, and Ms. LaTonya Johnson were presented Commander’s Challenge Coins from Ms. Marion Whicker, Director Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILSC), and also received Commanders Coins from Major General Daniel Mitchell, former Commanding General of the US Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM). All three Advisors are assigned to the Detroit Arsenal.

The three received the coins for their efforts as members of a team that developed a new ILSC training development program.  Other members on the team were from TACOM, ILSC, and the Defense Contract Management Agency. Over an 18-month timeframe, the combined team developed a cradle to grave acquisition chart for ILSC’s products, which became the basis of new training for all employees.  As the chart was developed, each participant was able to see the big picture and fully understand the interconnectivity of each organization and the impact their work has on the process.

The new training is now in place and each session includes a DCAA and DCMA co-presentation to educate ILSC’s managers and enhance their understanding of DCAA’s mission, support to the acquisition process, and assistance to potentially achieve a reduction in acquisition lead time.

Being part of this team allowed DCAA team members to develop relationships with ILSC product managers.  “It also was a perfect opportunity to explain to our acquisition partners the importance of early engagement, stated Mr. Merryweather, “and the exact points in the process where DCAA advisory services could help reduce acquisition lead time, which results in faster delivery to the warfighter.”