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News | Oct. 1, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month: Jason Besser – Getting to Know Employees’ Backgrounds Contributes to Team Success

By DCAA Staff Writer

“My Mexican heritage is not evident when meeting me, but it is a great source of pride,” stated Jason Besser, Regional Audit Manager. Mr. Besser’s mother was born as a United States citizen living in Mexico.  His grandfather worked for the Department of State and moved the family to various Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America.  However, the family heritage is from Mexico.  While the family did not speak Spanish at home, he grew up enjoying Mexican dishes and celebrating Mexican holidays.  As an adult, he and his wife Lauren have visited Mexico several times and his children have vacationed in Mexico.  It is a family favorite for the beautiful beaches, delicious dishes, and grand celebrations.

Jason joined DCAA after completing his undergraduate degree based on a recommendation from his Tax teacher.  He has worked as an Auditor, Field Audit Office Assistant for Quality, and Supervisory Auditor in the former Mid-Atlantic Region; a Program Manager and Chief in the Policy Directorate; and is now a Regional Audit Manager in Eastern Region.

Mr. Besser has a great appreciation for getting to know the staff at his Field Audit Offices and elsewhere in DCAA on a personal level to allow everyone the opportunity to share their story. “In the same sense that my heritage is not evident, you may not always see and hear others’ backgrounds and know what events have influenced their lives” says Mr. Besser.  He believes building relationships establishes trust and contributed to some of the great successes his offices have made as an audit team. The best part about working at DCAA is interacting with all of the great people working together for the benefit of the warfighter.