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News | Oct. 29, 2020

2020 Grechanik-Collins Professional Employee Award Winner Announced

By DCAA Staff Writer

Ms. Debra Fletcher was awarded the Grechanik-Collins award for her exceptional and noteworthy service to DCAA. Ms. Fletcher has served in DCAA for over 20 years beginning as a GS-5 and rising to GS-14. She is currently the Chief of the Administrative and Logistics Branch with the Human Capital and Resource Management Directorate.

Debra leads a team responsible for a wide variety of tasks ranging from inventory management to travel and has created positive changes in each area. DCAA has offices across the US, and Debra’s team is responsible for assisting those auditors who are moving. She standardized the process across DCAA and created an automated workflow to build efficiency in a cumbersome process. Now Agency relocation specialists conduct counseling for each individual to ensure they understand their entitlement and paperwork requirements. Similarly, she realigned the physical property inventory responsibility into contiguous property accountability zones across the US to eliminate overlaps in responsibility, which created confusion. These zones are enable more efficient inventories and equalized the workload between the inventory specialists. She also advocated for the use of the existing electronic help desk system for many functions that were previously done via email to allow better tracking and efficient execution. Debra created systems for efficiency and focused on excellence in customer service, changes that have had a positive impact across DCAA.

Ms. Fletcher is an outstanding manager who works to constantly improve the areas under her purview. She is proactive, collaborative and customer oriented, making her a role model for all to emulate.