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News | Dec. 22, 2020

Auditor Retires after 54 years with DCAA

By DCAA Staff Writer

Mr. Charlie Silverman is retiring January 2, 2021, after 54 years of working for DCAA. He began his career as an auditor trainee at the Boston Branch Office in 1966 after graduating from Suffolk University. After about a year, he transferred to the General Dynamics (GD) Shipyard office in Quincy, Mass. He fondly remembers working near the water and auditing contracts for Navy ammunition ships and NASA satellite tracking ships. He would occasionally help out the GD Groton, Conn. Office and said, “I will never forget having to perform floor checks on GD employees working on nuclear submarines in dry dock.  We had to climb straight down a ladder into the submarine. I could not get over how tight the quarters were!”

During his career, Charlie has worked in many offices in Massachusetts including 30 years at the office in Needham, Mass. He will end his career at the BAE Lexington Office. When asked what his fondest DCAA memory is he stated,

"Being surprised by the Branch Manager (Gary Arnold) at General Dynamics in Needham in March 2008. Gary called us all into the conference room and said the reason why I am having this meeting is that you, Charlie, have been selected to receive the DCAA Commendation Award!  This award was the highest award of honorary recognition conferred by a DCAA Region. I was floored and so proud upon hearing this news."

Much has taken place over Charlie’s 54 years working for DCAA.  From technology changing the way audits are performed, to learning new systems, change has been constant. However, what makes it all worth it is those he worked for and with, which is what he appreciates the most. “Before I started in 1966,” stated Charlie, “I was told if you are lazy and don’t want to amount to anything, then work for the government.  How wrong these people were! I have been so proud that I have worked for DCAA and to have supported the warfighter and protected the taxpayer for 54 years."