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News | May 4, 2021

Changing Career Path to Become an Auditor

By DCAA Staff Writer

Current DCAA employee Siyan (Calvin) Li worked in the administrative support field and is currently attending the new auditor onboarding class as his first step in the transition to become an auditor. Calvin was a government Purchase Card Specialist at the Western Region Headquarters. 

Since beginning work at DCAA in August 2019, Calvin was interested in the auditing field. “Since auditing cases are never the same and you can always learn something new at work on a daily basis, I was motivated to become an auditor,” stated Calvin.  While he always had an interest in numbers, Calvin did not have auditing experience and took some classes to enhance his knowledge of accounting.

When Calvin completed his education, he applied for an auditor position and was selected. Since being selected, his coworkers have been very supportive about the transition. He will begin his auditing career at the Redondo Beach Suboffice, Redondo Beach CA. His new supervisor and sponsor also provided useful information regarding onboarding classes and his new position and office. Calvin says he is most excited about the new environment and new learning opportunities as an auditor.