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News | July 7, 2021

Wichita Branch Office Supports Air Force Team

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s Wichita Branch Office received a Letter of Appreciation for their audit work on the Sustaining Engineering and Program Management (SEPM) II proposal for Joint Primary Aircraft Trainer Systems (JPATS) for T-6 aircraft.  The audit team worked extensively on audits and provided negotiation support from April 2020 through March 2021 as the Air Force worked to award the contract. The team audited a Forward Pricing Rate Proposal and Forward Pricing Rate Agreement (FRPA). The rates from the FPRA were used to finalize the award price of the SEPM II contract at $95 million.

The Lead Cost/Price Analyst on the SEPM II program at Tinker AFB commended DCAA auditor Ms. Rebecca Schafers stating,

“Ms. Schafers performed audit services for the prime contractor and several major subcontractors, and her pricing report and research were a huge contributing factor to the successful negotiation and contract award of this vital defense system contract. Ms. Schafers’ extensive knowledge and experience with the contractor allowed the Air Force team to overcome numerous proposal challenges and she was always willing and available to assist during negotiations as well. Please commend Ms. Schafers for a job well done and extend my deepest appreciation.”

Ms. Schafers was responsible for mostly all of the negotiation support on this effort and served as an excellent communicator and facilitator with the Buying Command throughout the audit and negotiation process.In addition to Ms. Schafers, team lead, other team members were Tracy Reece, Auditor, Keegan Miller, Supervisory Auditor, Mitch Puetz, FAO Manager, and Randy York, FAQ.