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News | Dec. 21, 2021

Mr. Donald McKenzie Awarded Meritorious Senior Executive Presidential Rank Award

By DCAA Staff Writer

Mr. Donald J. McKenzie, Regional Director, Eastern Region, was awarded the Meritorious Senior Executive Presidential Rank Award. A Presidential Rank Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the federal career civil service. Each year, the President honors a select group of dedicated civil servants across government whose accomplishments embody agency missions, service, and stewardship. The award recognizes senior executives who see opportunity in every challenge, and who inspire and empower the people who work around them.

During Mr. McKenzie’s 31-year career with DCAA, he acquired a profound understanding of the Agency’s value to the DoD and the importance of partnering with peers to build a culture and workplace amply flexible to respond to a changing environment.  Those skills along with a keen ability to identify new opportunities enables him to foster innovation that addresses the Agency’s vulnerabilities and emerging threats. He led and fostered his division chiefs to challenge their full potential, urged staff to be transparent and communicate with customers, inspired the development of new ideas for executing audits. Mr. McKenzie repeatedly demonstrates an unwavering commitment to developing a workforce that supports the warfighter and protects taxpayer dollars. 

Mr. McKenzie began his federal career with DCAA as an auditor trainee in Rocket Center, West Virginia.  He served through the ranks in numerous leadership positions with increasing responsibilities to include Supervisory Auditor, Program Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Audit Manager, and Deputy Director of Field Detachment.  In March 2010, Mr. McKenzie was appointed to the Senior Executive Service and has held several key Senior Executive positions including Assistant Director for the Policy and Plans Directorate, Assistant Director for the Operations Directorate, and Regional Director, Eastern Region, the position he currently holds.

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