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News | Feb. 23, 2022

Black History Month - Stories from the Workforce

By DCAA Staff Writer

Editor’s note: This is one of several articles celebrating Black History Month. We asked our employees how they contribute to the health and wellness of themselves, their relationships, their communities, and the planet.

Ms Gertrude Okeke Musa, Auditor in the Lockheed Martin Stratford Sub-office has worked for DCAA for 7 years. Prior to that she worked as Cath Lab Manager & Program Assistant for Cardiology for 11.3 years at the VA of CT-West Haven, taking care of our Veterans & their care-givers. Before that, she worked in Corporate America as an Auditor after working as a Bank Examiner with FSLIC (Federal Savings & Loans Insurance Corporation), which later merged into FDIC. In between those jobs, she stayed home to raise her kids while doing taxes part-time with H & R Block, and helping to edit a very important magazine called AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) Journal as Assistant to Editor-in-chief at the University of New Haven Office.                                                                                                                                                                     Gertrude with red flowers
One month after her 1st year anniversary at DCAA, Gertrude was diagnosed with breast cancer via her annual mammogram. She said that in addition to her immediate family love & support, the other major reasons she survived her chemo & radiation therapies were, (1) the love she received from her co-workers & her immediate Management in Sikorsky-Stratford Office (2) the incredible support the entire DCAA, gave her. She thanks DCAA immensely and says, “Kudos DCAA, for being such a family-oriented Government Agency! Always flexible! Always ready to do whatever it takes to care for your employees and their families!” Gertrude says, “women, please get your yearly mammograms. Men, please get your annual PSA count. Everyone, please get your annual check-ups; because you could be saving or prolonging your own life.”                                                                                                                                                       

When asked how she contributes to the health and wellbeing of her community she stated:
“As for me and my community, I’ve raised five wonderful young adults and helped to raise several others who live in this country. My children and their friends are out  there fighting for justice for themselves and their communities. My kids are not afraid to fight for what is right for all people in all communities. In fact, one of them was so upset about housing in Los Angeles that it led to making a documentary movie on homelessness in Los Angeles. If every parent in this country fosters kindness and justice through their children, our communities, relationships, and our planet would be so much better.

I feel I’ve done some work in bettering my community and several others, but so much work still remains. I plan to continue encouraging routine check-ups and to get more active in my community, especially after I retire. Community activism through votes is very essential to the change you would like to see. I will continue to fight job-related injustices whether I’m retired or not.

Finally, I plan to take better care of my health as I’ve spent my entire life taking care of others!”