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News | May 2, 2022

Teachers Appreciation Week - Recognizing our DCAI Instructors

By DCAA Staff Writer

This week is Teachers Appreciation week and is when teachers get the recognition they deserve. Teaching is a time-consuming and challenging profession, and this week is our chance to say thank you to those teachers that play or have played a huge role in our lives.

At DCAA we celebrate Teachers Appreciation week by recognizing our instructors at our Defense Contract Audit Institute (DCAI) in Atlanta, Ga. There are just under 30 full time teachers and an additional group of adjunct professors who instruct part time. This small group of instructors teaches about 400 courses per year.

DCAI is a unique training institute that provides basic and complex audit education for all DCAA auditors. Our auditors start their careers at DCAI learning basic contract audit skills and then return periodically throughout their career for more complex audit courses. DCAI also provides leadership courses for all DCAA employees. Learning about oneself, improving soft skills and learning leadership techniques enhances the skills of our supervisors and leads to a more productive and satisfied workforce.  

Our instructors are selected for their skills and past experience. On the audits skills side of DCAI, instructors are auditors who have been taught effect instructional technics. As they instruct, they are able to give real world examples to illustrate concepts. The same is true of our leadership instructors. They have been in the workplace and led workgroups or organizations. When they are not actively teaching, our instructors are working to keep their course material current with the latest policy and industry leading techniques.

Each of our auditors have stories of how an instructor went over and beyond the norm to ensure they were successful in a course. Even after the student returns to his or her office, instructors are available to answer questions. Each and every student who passes through the doors of DCAI leaves with new knowledge and skills to be successful in their career.

A big THANK YOU to all of the instructors, past and present, at DCAI!

Watch a short video where our staff discuss our instructors.