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News | May 10, 2022

Use of Data Analytics Contributes to Customer Satisfaction

By DCAA Staff Writer BAE York Resident Office

The audit team of Senior Auditor Carrie Alouise, Supervisory Auditor Michele Seibert, FAO Assistant for Quality Chris Holley, and auditors Emily Potteiger, Ashleigh Shaffer, and Diana Saltos Herrera of the BAE Land and Armaments York, Pa., Resident Office conducted an audit on a $1.45 billion proposal for lots 2-4 of the Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle and earned the appreciation of the customer.

The team used data analytics techniques to deliver the audit report a week before the due date. “The purpose of our data analytics was to create quick, accurate, wide-covering templates that could be used across multiple audits for multiple circumstances,” stated Scott Fannasy, FAO Manager.  The team used three separate data analytics applications in this proposal on 100 percent of the audited costs.  The first application took a part number in the bill of materials, looked for that number in quote reports and purchase order history reports, and then return the last time that part was purchased, at what quantity, and what price. The team then compared that cost to the proposed cost. The second application showed if the lowest priced part was used in the proposal; if not, it would show the difference in prices.  The final application reviewed excess inventory reports and returned values where the entire amount from the bill of materials existed in excess inventory. If the price was lower, it would return the cost difference and impact to the total proposal cost. Using these applications allowed the team to quickly examine a very large volume of data.

The customer was very appreciative of the team’s efforts calling the team “stellar” and their assistance “awesome and absolutely amazing." In Statement of Appreciation, the customer stated:

The team was instrumental and proactive to ensure an accelerated audit timeline, which allowed the us to achieve our goal of awarding the contract.  [The team] worked up front with the us to develop a path forward, provided regular status updates, hosted meetings to walk-thru and explain the data, and provided a high-quality audit report that greatly supported the us in negotiations.  [The team] also provided review and guidance specific to the complexities associated with foreign currency exchange, which supported the Government's approach to avoid excessive hedging costs. We appreciate the continued positive working relationship with the team.