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News | July 18, 2022

History of the Defense Contract Audit Institute - Part 2

By DCAA Staff Writer

After 17 years at the Defense Depot Memphis, DCAI moved onto the University of Memphis South Campus. The new facility was modern and a major upgrade from the Defense Depot location. By this time, DCAI had grown to seven classrooms and a staff of 80 individuals.

It was in the 80’s that DCAA formally made its entrance into the world of the microcomputer and DCAI began instruction on the use of computers. Initially there were classes on how to use a computer and gradually as software became more capable, courses were added on how to leverage software for specific audit tasks. Computers were a godsend to the administrative staff who no had to type a handwritten audit report to create the final document.

DCAA also began hiring computer programming specialists and developing audit management software to bring the power of computing into managing the workload. In the 90’s both the Audit Planning and Performance System (APPS) and the DCAA Management Information System (DMIS) were brought online and DCAI introduced courses on their use.

In 2012, an independent analysis of DCAI’s organizational structure and practices was performed by an outside group to identify opportunities to improve. The study recommended professional educators be brought into the institute to bring a solid educational foundation to the great work being done by auditors. It also recommended the formation of two academies – audit and learning. Coincidentally, it was around this time the University of Memphis did not renew the lease for DCAI’s facility as the university had plans build a new, modern facility. A study was undertaken to find a new location and DCAI moved to its present facility in Atlanta, Georgia.