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News | July 22, 2022

Ceremony Honors Director's Developmental Program in Leadership Graduates

By DCAA Staff Writer

The graduation ceremony for the Director’s Development Program in Leadership (DDPL) was held July 20, 2022 at Fort Belvoir, Va. The 27 graduates from six different DoD agencies celebrated their completion of a program that was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The normal 18-month program began in November 2019 and was completed in July 2022 taking almost 33 months.  

DDPL is an 18-month executive level leadership program designed to develop senior level careerists with the leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities for effective leadership at the highest levels of the Department of Defense. During the program, participants travel to 10 different universities and military institutions focusing on a new leadership competency at each. The coursework culminates in two capstone events allowing participants to relate the concepts and theories taught at the educational institutions against the context, scope, and complexity of a major military command’s strategic mission.

In his remarks during the ceremony, Mr. Bentz, Deputy Director DCAA, challenged each graduate to “apply what they learned from the program to your current position and aspire to lead your organizations to the next level of excellence.”

This year’s graduates are from six organizations; Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command, US Army Audit Agency, US Army Corps of Engineers, and US Air Force.

The graduates are

Dr. Samantha Adato--USACE

Ms. Kelly Lee Krantz--DCAA

Mr. Carlos Archilla--DCAA

Ms. Andrea J. Leimer--DCAA

Ms. Latoya Brown--USAF

Ms. Angela M. Lutz--DTRA

Ms. Shonale Burke--USAAA

Ms. Stephanie L. McManus--NAVFAC

Mr. Julius A. Deal--DCAA

Mr. Matthew R. Mitchell--DCAA

Mr. Michael R. Duffy--USACE

Mr. Frank S. Mulcahy--USACE

Mr. James M. Freeman--DCAA

Ms. Charity Quan--DCAA

Ms. Kelly A. Goodsell--DCAA

Mr. James G. Rupert III--DCAA

Mr. David L. Hackler--USACE

Ms. Michele L. Sholar--DCAA

Mr. James O. Hills--USAAA

Mr. Glade C. Stott--DCAA

Ms. Katherine Brown-Hood--DCAA

Mr. Robert Turks--DTRA

Mr. Thomas A. Jaeger--DTRA

Mr. Ernest S. Wang--DCAA

Ms. Jennifer L. Kelley--USACE

Mr. Bradley G. Wolfe--DCAA

Ms. Naomi M. Kelley--USAAA