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News | Sept. 19, 2022

DCAA Presents William B. Petty Special Achievement Award for Management Excellence

By DCAA Staff Writer

Mr. Kenneth Sicker, Operations Technical Support Division Chief, was awarded the William B. Petty Special Achievement Award for Management Excellence in a ceremony on September 13, 2022.

Mr. Sicker managed the effort to disband the Truth in Negotiations and Business Systems teams. Both teams were created to build a cadre of experts in these audits and to be a resource for the Agency. The teams conducted audits and trained the auditors in the field to expand the knowledge base of the Agency. Once these goals were accomplished, the team members returned to their audit offices. However, there remained a number of audits in progress that needed to transition to an audit office, a task expertly managed by Mr. Sicker. He established protocols for transfer of residual responsibilities and a tool to track negotiation support requests ensuring the team member who worked on the audit was available to provide support.

Another significant accomplishment of Mr. Sicker was developing, beta testing, and deploying the Contractor Submission Portal, a web-based program for incurred cost submission. He managed his team’s collaboration effort with internal and external stakeholders, developed a communication plan for contractors, and provided training to users. After two years of use, 47 percent of contractors use the tool to submit their incurred costs.

Finally, Mr. Sicker is managing several other projects to keep DCAA in the forefront of technology and industry best practices. He has championed the usage of PowerBI software and data analytics techniques. He also manages the updating and business rules for DCAA’s audit document management system. He is also instrumental in developing training and guidebooks for areas under his purview so all auditors have the skills to use advanced techniques.  

Mr. Sicker’s leadership, teamwork, and professionalism make him a valuable member of DCAA and worthy of DCAA’s highest award for the audit staff.