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News | March 22, 2023

Women's History Month - Meet Auditor and Author Elizabeth Passo

By DCAA Staff Writer

Auditors are not snobby
And they like to have a hobby
Some like to race cars, others play guitars
At DCAA we have cooks, and some who write books

Elizabeth Passo, Cost Accounting Standard Technical Specialist for the Lockheed Martin/BAE Corporate Audit Directorate, is one who writes books. She has written three children’s books, two based on Santa’s reindeer and the third a vocabulary building comic book for reluctant readers. All of her books are written in rhyme. “The rhymes just come to me and I have to feverishly write it all down before the ideas pass,” says Elizabeth.

Her first book grew out of an idea at Christmas when her toddler daughter had a highly anticipated gift, one much too important to put under the tree with the others. She came up with the idea of hiding it and telling her a story about how the reindeer had gotten bored standing around on the roof and had decided to get in on the gift giving fun. They'd snuck down the chimney behind Santa and hid a very special gift for her. Her daughter expression was priceless! That event was the inspiration for her first book. After writing the book, she worked with a local artist for illustrations. Her book, The Reindeer Gift: A Fun, Easy Christmas Tradition, won the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award.

Since that first success, she wrote a sequel where the reindeer try to sneak gifts into the Easter Bunny’s goodies. The Reindeer vs E.A.Ster: A Fun, Easy Springtime Tradition won the 2016 National Indie Excellence Award. Her third book, Birthday Party SBD, is illustrated in comic book style and uses humor to engage reluctant readers and build their vocabulary.

When not working at her DCAA position, Elizabeth can be found at book signings, organizing her collection of children’s books and thinking about what to write next.  And in case you wondered, her audit reports do not rhyme.


DCAA neither states or implies endorsement of the author or her works.